Customer Services

Customer Services

OET's 280 experts are on hand to assist clients at every step in the life cycle of their industrial resources, from advance consulting and preliminary specifications through to regular systems maintenance.

After-Sale Service & Systems Maintenance

Accompanying you throughout the whole life cycle of your equipment, our process and systems experts work to ensure that you get the most from your production set-up. Our range of support contracts include a dedicated HOTLINE, with the option of on-call services and site visits if necessary.

  • Working days
  • 24 hours (5, 6 or 7 days a week)


In order to keep your assets in optimal condition, we offer preventive maintenance services tailored to your needs and covered by an SLA (Service Level Agreement) 

  • TPOM (Third Party Operational Management): surveillance and running of servers and strategic posts in your IT system 
  • TPSM (Third Party Software Maintenance): flexible, adaptable and remedial maintenance of ALIA programmes
  • TPAM (Third Party Application Maintenance): bespoke maintenance work for clients' applications (whether or not originally designed by OET)

Based on several decades of experience and technological innovation, we take these crucial SAV and maintenance services into consideration from the outset of every project, ensuring that we provide:

  • Solutions tailored to the context of your system (network quality, security etc.)
  • Safe mode 
  • Recovery solutions in the event of a system failure (server, computer etc.)


Products and Solutions

We install specialist software programmes onto your systems. In order to ensure their effectiveness and durability, they can be combined with our additional support services:

  • System audit and analysis
  • Application audit and analysis
  • User club 
  • Software license includes new versions, 
  • Accredited training courses.


Our programmes are compatible with all major software and hardware systems available on the market, adapting to changes in technology. In order to optimise the performance, maintenance and lifespan of your investments, our Systems & Networks department is always on hand to offer the latest:

  • Software upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Full or partial revamping.