Our Values


Our Values


Because each and every link in the chain is essential to its overall strength, our management philosophy is inclusive and personal, backed up with unbeatable design expertise based on a detailed analysis of your requirements in collaboration with your project ream. 

The spirit of innovation: 

We encourage a spirit of creativity within our teams. Our initiatives are structured to promote creative solutions: the solutions of the future. 


Each and every member of our team has a vital contribution to make, and we encourage them to participate fully in all projects in order to deliver the best possible level of service and achieve excellent results. 

Our team: 

We share our experience and expertise in the spirit of solidarity and respect. Our wealth of specialist skills is your guarantee of truly effective solutions every step of the way, from design through to installation. 


Our organisation is responsive and flexible. We set ourselves demanding productivity targets. These objectives are understood and shared by all members of the team. They push us to constantly surpass ourselves. 

Our commitments:

Since 1975, the secret of OET's dynamism has been our constant drive to satisfy our clients' demands, while respecting all applicable legal and regulatory constraints. We remain committed to satisfying our clients' needs and demands, often setting ourselves targets which go above and beyond their expectations. 

This demanding approach to quality includes offering each and every one of our clients a bespoke, personal service. The slightest complaint triggers an alarm in our quality management system, leading to an internal review and resolution process. Our ambition: to deliver the highest possible standard of service to our clients.

Acutely aware of our responsibility to protect the environment, we are committed to implementing strict internal measures to reduce our environmental impact.

Our goal is to ensure that the structure of our business is conducive to continuous improvement, with respect for our core principles.


P. PIQUE, President of OET and CEO of PGC