Water Treatment

Water Treatment

OET designs customised production systems for the water treatment industry. Whether your requirements are general or specific in nature, we can provide the tools you need to manage and supervise your systems, store data and establish a reporting policy which satisfies the applicable regulations.

Our solutions are fully automated, covering every step of the water treatment process: 

  • Drinking water: screening, ozonisation, filtration, disinfection, injection of active carbon, lime, chlorine etc. depending on the quality of the water
  • Waste or industrial waters: screening, compacting, biological treatments, clarification, sludge treatment, tertiary treatment

Comprehensive support, your guarantee of a successful project  

To guarantee the best possible end result, all projects are structured with milestones and intermediate inspections. We then oversee on-site installation and operational launch, as well as subsequent fine-tuning and user training.

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Selected accounts: 

  • Waste water treatment station, 60,000 PE:
  • Cambaie (REUNION Island) 
  • SWaste water treatment stations, between 2,000 and 27,500 PE:
  • Locqueltas,
  • Arzal,
  • Plerguer,
  • Dembeni (Mayotte),
  • Cherbourg,
  • Louvigné de Bais,
  • Plancoët
  • Drinking water purification stations (ranging from 200 to 1400m3/h):
  • Durtal,
  • Kermorvan (Le Conquet),
  • Cholet
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants:
  • SARIA,
  • SVA,…
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Your contact

  • Stéphane Chesnel
  • Sales Director
  • Téléphone: 
    +33 (0)2 23 21 12 00
  • Email : 

Our skills at your service


  • Preliminary work: project diagnosis and tailored advice, for a detailed analysis of your proposal and precise identification of your requirements 
  • Project execution: from the launch phase through to final installation, we monitor the whole project process with reference to the design specifications and with the help of data sharing solutions hosted on a dedicated WEB portal.
  • Analysis, design and fabrication of control cabinets, site installation: based on the corresponding electrical diagrams, we design custom control cabinets in our workshop and oversee their installation on site.



  • Automation and supervision: design and development of automated programmes based on pre-existing, specialist functional packages and using appropriate supervision and management platforms.
  • Metrology: we design and produce measuring circuits and metrological control systems. These services come with their own after-sale service and maintenance contracts.
  • Customer services: training, revamping, after-sale service and support contracts