Industry of the future - Mobility - IoT

Industry of the future - Mobility - IoT

OET creates software solutions for the optimisation and digitisation of your industrial processes. We are specialists in connected devices, with comprehensive solutions for gathering and processing the various types of data relating to your processes, in a manner which is simple and cost-effective.

The Internet of Things

IoT technology allows us to provide sensors and infrastructure components perfectly suited to use in a range of industrial environments, including under challenging and variable conditions (heat, dust, vibration etc.)

Thanks to radio protocols such as LoRaWAN, our solutions allow you to gather information from production workshops and external facilities instantaneously, for example temperature readings from an outside warehouse or the current figure from an underground water meter.

OET offers two secure data storage options: a local server, and a cloud hosting solution.

Mobility and augmented reality

We offer solutions incorporating Augmented Reality technology for optimised, real-time monitoring of maintenance and production operations, with instant access to all pertinent information.

Augmented reality software, combined with IoT sensors and centralised data management, provides a real-time flow of information to your tablet or smartphone, keeping you informed of all processes and associated technical documentation, and helping you to spot and correct anomalies and make informed, timely decisions.


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