At OET, we have been producing our own specialist software tools since 1975 Our software engineers are trained in the design, development and deployment of innovative IT solutions.

We deliver turn-key solutions - that means we take care of everything from design and installation to training and maintenance.

Optimise your performance

Boost productivity and cut fabrication costs and deadlines, all while increasing the quality of your products. In addition to our very own ALIA System MES software, we can also integrate other software solutions from suppliers specialising in supervision, control-command and MES. Our specialist software programmes cover a broad range of functions (from production monitoring to command and control, via scheduling, logistics and management), allowing you to manage, analyse and optimise your production activities while keeping costs under control. 

MES CLUB, your quality guarantee

As members of the MES CLUB we provide a comprehensive project design and delivery service, with a constant commitment to quality. We work closely with you every step of the way, drawing on our long experience in handling the issues which come with projects of this nature.

OET is constantly investing in developing skills and resources. Our MES department is accredited by MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association). We have also obtained certification from many of the leading platforms in this market, forming expert partnerships.

Our tools

Our tools are essential to the efficiency of our services and performances. Committed to continuous improvement, we are constantly searching for new solutions capable of increasing the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients.

Project Management 

Collaborative working tools (VPN, Intranet, Planning, G.E.D...)
Customer relations management
Project management (PS/NEXT, ERP, task management...)

Programming Languages : 

Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual C++, Dot Net, JAVA, NSDK, NATJET, XML, PL/SQL, Labview

Databases : 

SQL Server - Oracle – Access – MySQL- PostgreSQL

Reporting, Decision-making : 

SQL Server, Microsoft PowerPivot, Crystal Report, Dream Report, MyReport, 

MES software (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

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Our skills at your service

  • Development of automated management systems
  • Development of MES programmes
  • Integration of external devices and sensors
  • (printers, RFID, barcode scanners, I/O, weighing systems etc.)
  • Managing interfaces with ERP, CAP and GESCOM
  • Reporting, Decision-making
  • Transport software, with optimisation of your delivery schedule
  • Real-time sequencing with calculation of raw material requirements