Since 1975, OET has been producing specialised computer programmes. Our software engineers are trained in the design, development and deployment of innovative IT solutions.

Software Engineering  

Our specialised, professional programmes cover all aspects of MES and control-and-command (supervision, processes, models, regulations), sequencing, logistics and management (ERP, CAP, BI). Our team of network administrators are experts in the design and deployment of hardware and systems architectures.  

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Our skills at your service

  • Integrated web management (Gescom, GPAO, WMS, Interfaces ERP)
  • MES software (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
  • Transport software, with optimisation of your delivery schedule                                       
  • Real-time sequencing with calculation of raw material requirements
  • Specific software development (J2EE, C++, #net, Webdev, NS-DK, Labview, ...)
  • Provision of equipment and networks: Intel servers, ethernet switches, wifi, PC and Windows mobile thin clients, other devices.
  • Decision-making solutions (Reporting, Business Intelligence - BI)