As a leading force in the digital transformation, OET provides clients with turnkey industrial solutions. Our activities are structured around four key areas of expertise: engineering, process management (MOM/MES), automation and electrical engineering.

We provide made-to-measure industrial solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, complying with specific standards such as BPF (Best Practices in Fabrication) and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) while also satisfying all applicable regulatory requirements in terms of traceability and data security (ANSM, FDA, 21 CFR part 11…).

We help our clients to achieve total control over their production processes, with improved industrial performance, real-time traceability for raw materials and effective quality control procedures.

We also provide manufacturing control solutions, an indispensable asset which helps our clients in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors to get ahead of the competition. Our expertise in industrial safety includes everything from the implementation of audit logs to electronic signatures, information systems guaranteeing maximum data security and the management of user access rights to maintain different levels of security clearance within the software tool. The end result is that clients are better equipped to face the challenges of this fast-moving sector.

We have built up a wealth of expertise in the digitization of industrial processes, with a specific focus on semi-continuous processes involving a BATCH type procedure. More specifically, we have considerable experience of working with production methods involving the precise dosing of liquids, powders and mixtures. All procedures involving components and composites which can be represented in the form of production recipes. In batch production, it is common practice to manufacture different products using the same facilities (e.g. 2.5 tonnes of Product A followed by 9 tonnes of Product B in the same reactor). This implies certain constraints in terms of changeover and cleaning (CIP). Frequent, rapid changeovers during the fabrication process, parallel production, complex coordination and the need to increase output are constraints which we tackle with the help of automation, robotics and cobotics, and tailored procedures (series of elementary operations) executed by a Batch motor running off a PC. Without a central motor, it is impossible for operators to juggle all of these constraints rapidly and safely.

To achieve this level of functionality, we identify and implement the most pertinent solutions from the 3 partner suppliers with whom we have full accreditation: Wonderware (WSP), Ordinal (COOX) and Creative IT (Qubes). Rather than starting from scratch, this approach allows industrial clients to choose a solution which is fully compatible and certified under FDA 21 CFR Part 11. This allows for considerable economies of scale compared with developing your own in-house tools.

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