Animal Feed and Silos

Animal Feed and Silos

OET can offer comprehensive and specialized solutions for your animal feed and silo operations. These solutions cover the whole process, from the delivery of raw materials through to the shipping of the finished products, with decision-making support and full traceability every step of the way.

  • Incoming raw material deliveries : Identification, labelling, analysis, weighing, access control, silo loading
  • Silo transfer, Crushing : circuit management, quality control, automated functions
  • Dosage, Mixing : Dosage of multiple containers and products, adding other ingredients, managing substitute products and compatibility issues
  • Granulation, Extrusion: Managing circuits, powders, advanced regulations, sequencing
  • Bulk loading : Container loading, with/without bridge, managing truck bays, laser range-finder
  • Bagging : Managing the operations of bagging lines, labelling systems
  • Palletizing : Robotic palletizing systems


In France and internationally, using standard industrial platforms, OET can design and maintain professional tools which satisfy your exact requirements in terms of operational management, supervision, data storage, reporting and communication with ERP systems. 

 is a comprehensive , flexible modular solution with adaptable and upward-scalable functional capacities.

Technical support from quality experts

Our experts have been conducting audits and analyses in France and internationally for over 40 years. They work hand-in-hand with your teams and partners to develop comprehensive solutions tailored to your activities. Our ALIA System is an upward-compatible solution backed up by the unrivalled expertise of our R&D Division.

Robotic units for palletizing your packaged goods

Drawing upon our expertise with robotic systems, we can help you manage the ► pallet stacking of your bags using robots calibrated to handle different shapes, densities and pallet configurations. The goal is to boost your productivity, improve working conditions and optimise the quality of your pallets.


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Selected accounts :

  • Agrial - Agralys Thoreau
  • Alicoop - Alifel
  • Aliouest - Alf Dynacome 
  • Alf Sahel - Arterris
  • ATM - Atrial 
  • Cavac - CCPA
  • Coop Pad - Doux Aliments
  • Dumoulin - Euralis Sanders 
  • Finalog - Garun-Paysanne 
  • Genouel - Groupe Pilardière 
  • Guillermin - Inaam
  • InVivo - Le Gouessant
  • Lorial - Lurali
  • Michel - Néodis 
  • Novial - Nutri-Concept 
  • United Pet Food - Petfood Run 
  • Poulina - Provimi
  • Royal Canin - Sanders
  • Smag Somdiaa - Sud Ouest Aliment
  • Solevial - Sopral 
  • Soreal - Terrena
  • Terres du Sud - Thivat NA
  • Triskalia - Trouw Nutrition
  • Ucab - Unéal 
  • Urcoopa, 


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Our skills at your service

  • Preliminary work : project diagnosis and tailored advice, for a detailed analysis of your proposal and precise identification of your requirements 
  • Project Execution : from the launch phase through to final installation, we monitor the whole project process with reference to the design specifications and with the help of data sharing solutions hosted on a dedicated WEB portal.
  • Analysis, design and fabrication of control cabinets, site installation : based on the corresponding electrical diagrams, we design custom control cabinets in our workshop and oversee their installation on site.
  • Automation and supervision : design and development of automated programmes based on pre-existing, specialist functional packages and using appropriate supervision and management platforms.


  • Dedicated IT solutions for animal nutrition : we offer integrated solutions for commercial management, logistics, sequencing, MES, control-and-command and supervision. 
  • Robotics : preliminary mechanical studies, 3D simulations, feasibility studies for processes and integration of robotic applications.
  • Weighing and metrology : via our subsidiary PGC, we design and produce measuring circuits and metrological control systems.  These services include after-sale care and a maintenance contract
  • Customer services : training, revamping, after-sale service and support contracts.