Our long-standing expertise in the preparation and assembly of aircraft components is your guarantee of a successful project. OET's expertise covers a broad range of specialist applications in the field of aeronautical engineering. Whether your needs are general or more specific, our expert analysis will help you find a solution tailored to your requirements.

Cutting-edge expertise

Comes to creating and managing assembly lines :

  • installation of work stations and control-command posts (vertical axes, mobile pallets etc.) 
  • transmission of measurement data (untwisting and tack welding),
  • development of IHM control and data retrieval interfaces 
  • handling and positioning of components at work stations

We start by analysing your functional requirements and developing the necessary programmes, before conducting a platform simulation. This allows us to test the robustness of your processes before the test phase, and update your project accordingly. 

Our electrical and pneumatic specialists develop, design and construct bespoke electrical control panels and pneumatic plates especially for your system. Our team of cable experts take care of the on-site installation and connection.

Aeronautical engineering is a broad, complex field which demands the very best in electronics, automation, robotics and ICT. Whatever your requirements may be, OET has the right solution for you.

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A few examples :

  • A350 XWB
  • SAINT-NAZAIRE – Modification to the automated systems and electronics, adding 3 new work stations to the Flow Line –  Equipment of sections 15/21
  • SAINT-NAZAIRE – Full integration of new automated and electronic elements on the PreFAL 370D Line – Assembly of sections 15/21 (76 axes)
  • NANTES – Full integration of new automated, electronic, pneumatic and vacuum elements on the new air inflow assembly line
  • SAINT-NAZAIRE – Full integration of new automated, electronic and supervision elements on the new Pulse Line – Assembly of sections 11/14
  • AIRBUS A320 and A320 NEO
  • SAINT-NAZAIRE – Full automation and electronic integration for 8 new lines: PreFAL 258/265 – Increasing the assembly cadence for sections 15/21 (SALSA project)
  • NANTES – Electrical work (site work and control cabinets) for acoustic panel assembly line
  • AIRBUS A330
  • SAINT-NAZAIRE – Full integration of new automated, electronic, supervision, pneumatic and vacuum elements on the new PreFAL 355 line - Measurement of sections 15/21
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Your contact

  • Stéphane Chesnel
  • Sales Director
  • Téléphone: 
    +33 (0)2 23 21 12 00
  • Email : 

Our skills at your service

  • Preliminary work : project diagnosis and tailored advice, for a detailed analysis of your proposal and precise identification of your requirements 
  • Project execution : from the launch phase through to final installation, we monitor the whole project process with reference to the design specifications and with the help of data sharing solutions hosted on a dedicated WEB portal.
  • Analysis, design and fabrication of control cabinets, site installation : based on the corresponding electrical diagrams, we design custom control cabinets in our workshop and oversee their installation on site.
  • Automation and supervision : design and development of automated programmes based on pre-existing, specialist functional packages and using appropriate supervision and management platforms.


  • ICT : we integrate MES solutions to track and analyse the performance of your production systems, while guaranteeing the traceability of processes and materials.
  • Robotics : preliminary mechanical studies, 3D simulations, feasibility studies for processes and integration of robotic applications.
  • Customer services : training, revamping, after-sale service and support contracts.