Our robotic bag palletizing stations

Our robotic bag palletizing stations

► See the bag palletizer robot in action at Ets Michel

OET develops robotic palletizing stations that take advantage of the latest leading edge technology, specifically addressing sectors that need to palletize bags (other types of unit packaging studied on request). Our high performance components are approved for conveying, bag sizing (conformation), and handling (pick-up and set-down) operations.  

How do our robots work? 

Our articulated robots are multi-axis to provide you with a solution offering optimum versatility. When coupled to a conformation system, they are fitted with modular gripping tongs, vibrating and roller conveyors, and a secured mesh enclosure for access management.
The system’s intelligence and autonomy are provided by a compact programmable controller featuring a touch-screen graphic interface on the cabinet front. Using a simple process, dockets are coded to enable you to select the product to be packaged and assign the installation’s “physical” parameters to it. 

Everyday management of our robots:

With your robots connected to the centralized management system (SCADA or MES), you can automatically communicate the correct palletization docket according to the products being packed. There is also a wireless mobile interface option using a tablet (iPAD or similar).

We have been in the manufacturing sector for over 15 years, implementing over 1000 robots during that time.  
► See video of our implementation in the agri-food industry.