A tried and tested set-up

Our advanced research unit is committed to driving forward innovation. This team conduct studies and produce prototypes in order to determine the technical specifications for the products and processes which will be further honed by our Research & Development division. These studies are conducted in partnership with our clients, ensuring that they yield effective, targeted solutions.

OET qualifies for the Research Tax Credit (CIR), and is listed on the website of the Ministry for Education, Higher Education and Research as a business whose services are CIR deductible. 

Multi-disciplinary R&D

At OET, we remain committed to excellence in our search for ever more innovative solutions. That's why the R&D division works in synergy with all of our specialist departments, utilizing the skills of our experienced engineers and scientists. To maintain this momentum, we invest 5% of our turnover in innovation every year.

Resolutely forward-looking, the R&D Division has 3 major roles:

  • Monitoring technological progress and developing new ideas: fundamental to the continued evolution of our products and services, our R&D experts work to integrate the latest cutting-edge technologies and satisfy your every need. 
  • Standardization and software development: to ensure that all new developments are mutually compatible, and therefore more efficient for our clients. This allows us to deliver products that are reliable, complete and upward compatible. 
  • Supporting our 'Production' teams and our clients: making sure that our R&D operations remain in close contact with the realities of production in the field.