The ALIA System suite

The ALIA System suite

IT solutions to maximise productivity and quality

OET's range of super-efficient professional software tools allow you to supervise, manage and guide the performance of your food production facilities. At the very core of your business, these ICT solutions help to optimise and track your production. They allow you to boost productivity and attain the highest possible level of quality..

ALIA System covers an unprecedentedly broad range of professional functions, integrating advanced professional software tools developed and designed for standard commercial platforms (standards, databases, architectures, ERP interfaces, automation etc.).

Thanks to its modular structure, ALIA System also allows you to optimise your existing system in response to your priorities: 

Improving Production processes by integrating elements of:

  • process management,
  • supervision,
  • sequencing,

Improving Commercial Management processes by integrating elements of:

  • paperwork management for Raw Materials
  • warehouse or store management,
  • delivery schedule management,

Improving your IT Systems by incorporating new functions:

  • generating you own dashboards,
  • secure remote access to your system,
  • automatic saving and full archiving of all data from your dedicated software programmes.




Commercial Management 


Production Management / M.E.S.


Process management and supervision


Logistical Management 


Management and traceability of deliveries


ALIA Energy
Energy Efficiency


Warehouse Management

Data backup, archiving and consultation


ALIA Report
Decision - Making Tools


Scheduling Sequencing





ALIA Board
Cloud-based dashboard